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Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation is here for you if you're looking for the best in burial and cremation services. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the industry, and we provide high-quality funeral services in Port Charlotte, FL.


Our staff have many years of experience serving families in their time of greatest need. Our funeral directors have a combined total of 50 years of experience in the funeral business. Call (941) 833-0600 at any time of day or night for instant help.


Port Charlotte, FL Funeral Home And CremationsAs you make plans related to funeral home and cremations in Port Charlotte, FL, you may find yourself a little surprised at how many different ways your loved one could be honored. The experienced and professional funeral home staff at Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation are proud to offer a wide range of funerary and commemorative service styles. We hope this will help you as you lay your loved one to rest. Here are some of the style options you might consider:


Funeral Services: A traditional full service might offer a visitation or viewing event before the funeral. Directly after the service, the funeral party may proceed to the burial site for a graveside committal if burial is scheduled. Often a gathering among the family and friends of the deceased will take place after, perhaps mingling over food or drinks. There is no obligation to hold all of those portions if you want to have a funeral service. You can make the funeral for your loved one as nontraditional as you might wish.


Green Burial Services: For the environmentally conscious, an alternative burial practice growing in popularity and availability is a natural green burial. The deceased will not be embalmed or placed in synthetic casketing materials. Also, no concrete grave vault will be allowed in natural burial sites either. The body could be wrapped in a favorite blanket or biodegradable shroud. If a green burial site is not within a distance that will work for your needs, talk with the nearby cemeteries to see what kinds of steps you can take for a more natural burial.


Cremation Services: As a means to prepare the body for disposition, cremation is another choice that is considered environmentally supportive. The body will be incinerated in a secure heatproof chamber. Tiny granular particles consisting primarily of bone fragments will be given back to the family. These “ashes” are able to be buried, scattered, or kept at home with surviving loved ones. Cremation is not typically considered a commemorative service, but it is a respectful and dignified solution to care for the final remains.


Memorial Services: If immediate burial or direct cremation is completed shortly after death, a memorial service may be held at a later time. Also, if cremated ashes are relevant, a burial or scattering service might be part of the commemorative event.


Ash Scattering Services: Those looking for a more natural return to the earth may ask for options about scattering cremated remains. The knowledgeable staff at Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation are familiar with the rules and regulations that govern ash scattering services. Working with a competent funeral home can make these kinds of events simpler and less stressful to complete.


Ways Services Could Be Personalized

One of our favorite ways to help our client families honor their loved ones in a totally individual way is to help them design a celebration of life service. This focus on the life that has been lived rather than the separation of death can be woven into any of the earlier discussed service formats.


Some ideas for honoring in personal ways could include things like displaying treasured possessions or examples of handiwork. You might serve a home-cooked meal from a favorite recipe. There could be the sharing of music or multimedia presentations, including video or photographic slideshows. Centering the arrangements around the theme of a passion or interest of the departed is often nice. Be sure to include favorite flowers, plants, and colors in the decor of the events.


Honoring Veterans With Funeral and Cremation in Port Charlotte, FL

Laying a heroic loved one to rest with a formal veterans service for funeral home and cremations in Port Charlotte, FL, is an honor for us to be part of indeed. With verified eligibility, there are certain benefits and military honors that are provided free of charge. As arrangements are being prepared, we can make plans together about what is possible to show gratitude and deep respect for this veteran.


Some of the possible honors that will be available at a veteran service include the playing of Taps (bugler or recording), the folding of the United States flag, and an honor guard with at least two members of the service branch to which your veteran was connected. Duty, honor, and country may be saluted with a three-volley rifle presentation. A final salute to the deceased could be offered at the graveside as well.


You Have Questions, and We Have Answers

Though making plans for funeral home and cremations in Port Charlotte, FL is not necessarily the easiest task, it can be made much simpler with the highly trained and experienced funerary experts at Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation. We invite you to call us at (941) 833-0600 with any and all of your questions. Our comforting funeral home is located at 1515 Tamiami Trl, Punta Gorda, FL 33950.



Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What are the fundamental services that all funerals provide?

The following are the four most popular forms of funeral services:

  • Traditional full-service burial
  • Direct burial
  • Full-service cremation
  • Direct cremation


What is the difference between burial and funeral?

Burial is when you put your loved one in the ground, and an event like a funeral can take place to honor them. With some funerals, there are services such as eulogies or prayers that happen before burial takes place while other ceremonies may only have people sharing memories of their lost friend/loved one after they're placed into the earth for eternal rest.


What is direct cremation?

A cremation service is a popular option for many because it provides the cheapest and most affordable way to honor their loved ones who have passed. With direct cremations, there are no ceremonial services involved; rather, the body of your loved one will be cremated shortly after passing without embalming or visitation so you can get back to living life as soon as possible.

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