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Styles of Services to Plan Around Funeral Home and Cremations in North Port, FL


We take pleasure in providing a diverse range of funeral service options at Johnson-Taylor Funeral and Cremation. We provide professional, respectful funeral, burial, and cremation services in North Port, FL since 2000. We provide you with the personalized service and flexibility that only a family-owned funeral home can provide. Our staff is here to assist you, whether you desire a traditional funeral or something a little different. Call us at (941) 833-0600.


North Port, FL Funeral Home And CremationsThere are quite a few options to pick between for a basic format of final services like funeral home and cremations in North Port, FL. From more traditional options to modernized styles, Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation staff are here to help you design commemorative services as you say goodbye. Here are a few places to start:


Funeral: Traditional or modern, this service acts as a way to honor the dead and support those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. These services center around the casket and are held soon after death has occurred. The funeral may or may not include a funeral wake where the body may be publicly viewed if the family has chosen to present their dead. Often a funeral consists of a procession to the burial site after the services are complete. Allowing the family and dear friends to gather fosters connection and support.


Burial: Another style of funeral surrounds the burial options. A graveside funeral could be held if a traditional funeral is not wanted. A direct or immediate burial would not technically be considered an honoring service but may fall under the funeral umbrella as well.


Green Burial: With an eye toward keeping the final footprint as small as possible, green burial usually means no embalming, no concrete burial vaults, and only biodegradable caskets or funeral shrouds to encase the body. Some fully certified natural or green burial sites throughout the United States can support and require these types of preparations. If there is not a natural burial site near, you can often have at least some natural burial solutions at the cemeteries in your area.


Cremation: One process that prepares the body for final disposition is cremation. This procedure breaks down the body to the most basic elements through controlled incineration. The result is an ashen dry mixture that may be scattered, contained for display, buried, or carried in jewelry or other mementos.


Memorial: Services to honor someone after the body has been taken care of through burial or cremation, are usually called memorial services. However, sometimes the services are held several months down the road when the timing works out best for the family or dear friends.


Ash Scattering: The reasons families might choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes might vary. A desire to be environmentally kind or feel very connected to a beloved natural setting could be a few. There are rules about where and how ashes can be scattered, and your funeral director can help you find workable solutions to have a legal and meaningful send-off.


Personal Touches Make Meaningful Services

A completely unique approach to a final service is a celebration of life. This is because all of the details of the service will be focused on finding ways to celebrate this one extraordinary individual. This type of celebration works well within a funeral or memorial format but could be utilized in any style of service.


Other ideas to add personal touches may include:

  • Displays of treasured personal possessions or creations.
  • Sharing a meal cooked from a favorite recipe or a catered meal from a favorite restaurant.
  • Incorporating music that represents the favored songs or musical style of the deceased.
  • Working with a theme centering around a passion or hobby.
  • Decorating with favorite flora or colors.

Consult with your advisors at the funeral home to find out what else is possible to bring individuality into your commemoration event.


Veteran’s Funeral Services and Cremations in North Port, FL

The heroic and selfless veterans who come through our doors in need of funeral home and cremations in North Port, FL, are very special to us. Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation has been involved in the creation of many veteran services. These events are handled in a dignified way to honor the individual and their contributions to our country. With the confirmation of eligibility, veteran services for military funeral honors are available free of charge.


Some possible honors may include the playing of Taps by recording or bugle. An honor guard, consisting of at least two members of the affiliated branch of the armed forces, will see to the presentation of the folded flag for the next of kin. A flag-draped casket is another honor that is sometimes offered. The three-volley gun salute is performed to represent duty, honor, and country. A final salute at the graveside may be another show of respect that is given as your hero is laid to rest. The government spends millions on veterans and their families in times of crisis, but what about the rest? What are reception plans for those who serve our country when they come home from battle? The Department offers many benefits to honorably discharged service members including financial assistance with job training programs or academic counseling services that can help ease the transition into civilian life; however, there's no denying it. 


Ask Us Anything

At Johnson-Taylor Funeral & Cremation, we are ready for you to ask us anything about our policies and procedures. We aim to offer a great deal of transparency surrounding all things related to funeral home and cremations in North Port, FL. Call (941) 833-0600 or stop in to see us at 1515 Tamiami Trl, Punta Gorda, FL 33950.



Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is celebration of life?

Celebrating the life of a loved one offers closure and comfort to those left behind. A celebration is an opportunity for family members, friends, or acquaintances to come together in honor of their departed friend. They offer words that celebrate what made this person so special during his time on earth while also providing memories they shared with him.


Where can I scatter cremation ashes?

Ashes can be spread anywhere on your own private property, but if the land belongs to someone else you need permission before scattering them. If they say no, then find another location and do not secretly scatter their ashes anyway. Learn more about ash scattering services.


Will the VA pay for a veteran’s funeral?

No, the VA will not cover the whole cost of a veteran's funeral. This is true for both cremation and conventional funerals. However, the VA does offer a certain sum known as a funeral allowance. Learn more about veteran funeral services.


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